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Low-Density Poly Pipe
Rural Poly Pipe
Metric Fittings
Metric Saddles
25mm Metric Poly Pipe
32mm Metric Poly Pipe
40mm Metric Poly Pipe
50mm Metric Poly Pipe
63mm Metric Poly Pipe
75mm Metric Poly Pipe
90mm Metric Poly Pipe
110mm Metric Pipe
125mm Metric Poly Pipe
Rural Fittings
Rural Saddles
Threaded Fittings


The Company: 

polypipe.com.au is a division of "Irrigation Warehouse Group Pty Ltd" with the head office at Glen Innes which is located on top of the great dividing range in northern NSW, about 7 hours by road from Sydney and, 1 hour from the QLD border.  

Irrigation warehouse commenced operations from a very small warehouse in Castle Hill, Sydney (my office and a single garage) back in 2002.   We are a small privately owned Australian company that is steadily growing to the point that we now have 4 full time technical sales and administration staff plus, a warehouse and workshop for all of the stock and our technical operations staff of 2.

The People:

The company is owned by the Managing Director, Rod Ennor, and you will find him at his desk each morning at around 7am so he is very involved in the day to day operations of the company.   rod@polypipe.com.au   Rod has been directly involved in the irrigation and pumping industry both within Australia and overseas for the last 25-years and his knowledge and problem solving skills with water projects are extremely valuable to the company and our clients.

Wendy Ennor is the Operations Manager.   Wendy is responsible for making sure that everything to do with clients, orders, accounting, administration and suppliers runs smoothly.   Wendy has many many years (she wont say how many) in production management with advertising and television so she has no trouble keeping us all in line and on schedule.

Wayne Williams is our part-time resident electrician and apart from doing all of the wiring and connections, he keeps us safe and legal when it comes to electricity.

The Company Ideals & Promises:

I am often surprised at what some companies actually put down as their philosophy or ideals but these are mine:

  • We make a fair and resonable profit on every project or sale that we undertake, so that we are still in business in 20-years and are able to carry out our serice and maintenance obligations,
  • We only supply the highest quality equipment available for the project,
  • we prefer Australian made products where they are as good as or better than imported products,
  • We never supply "cheap" equipment because, things are cheap for a reason and it's never a good one,
  • We always deal honestly with our clients, our suppliers and ourselves and we expect the same,
  • When we design a system, we design it for the long term.

Rodney Ennor - Managing Director